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Do you need a reliable and spacious car in Chisinau to transport a large group of people or a heavy load?
Book a van rental service with hertz to suit your transport needs!

At Hertz, we understand that not every situation calls for a small car or a standard SUV. Sometimes you need a versatile van for busy trips. Whether you are planning a group trip, moving to a new location, or need a car for a special event, our vans are the perfect choice.

Why should you choose Hertz products and services?

Here are some of our advantages over other companies:

  • Variety: We offer a diverse fleet of vans to meet your every need. Whether you need a passenger van for transporting a large group or a cargo van for transporting bulky items, we have the right vehicle for you.

  • Regular Maintenance: Our vans are, meticulously, maintained and, regularly, inspected to ensure maximum performance and safety. We prioritize your comfort and peace of mind, during your rental.

  • Competitive Pricing: Our rates are competitive and we offer flexible packages to suit your budget and rental length.

  • Customer Service: A team of dedicated professionals is ready to assist you at every step of the rental process. From helping you choose the right van, to answering any questions you may have, we are committed to providing exceptional service.

Why choose a van?

Hertz provides car rental services of various classes and types. Let's compare some types of cars that can compete with vans in their practicality:

Van and mini:

  • Vans have more space and a higher payload, making them more suitable for transporting goods, equipment, or large groups of people.

  • Minis are compact vehicles known for their small size, maneuverability and the fuel efficiency.

  • If you appreciate the maneuverability, convenient parking and efficient fuel consumption, then we recommend that you consider our catalog of mini cars.

Van and compact:

  • Vans provide a larger and more versatile storage area, making them the preferred choice for transporting large items and luggage.

  • A compact or hatchback is a small car with a door at the rear that opens upwards, combining a passenger compartment with a flexible cargo area.

  • If you prefer an increased fuel efficiency, the practicality and a high maneuverability, then you should take a closer look at renting a compact car.

Why is it worth renting a car from us?

Having considered Hertz products and services, you can rent a van, both in the city and at the airport, to transport a large group of passengers or cargo. We offer many additional services to our clients. For example, when you rent a car, you can rent a child seat, GPS, etc. To order a van from us, just call our operators at +373 680-08-088 or +373 79790079.
By renting a van from us, you will get perfect service at a good price! Call and travel without borders!

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