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Published: 22 Июль 2021

SuperCover - Rent with zero excess from Hertz

Experience worry-free car rental with our exclusive SuperCover service. SuperCover allows you to enjoy your rental without additional liability in case of damage or theft. Say goodbye to unexpected expenses and drive cars from our premium catalog with confidence.

Our theft and damage protection comes with mandatory clauses for which you are responsible, regardless of the cause of the incident. However, with SuperCover you can relieve yourself of this burden of responsibility. This service ensures that you do not have to pay anything if any unpleasant incidents occur during the rental period.

What is included and not included in the SuperCover service?

SuperCover provides reliable coverage for most vehicles, bringing you peace of mind on the road. However, it is important to note that some items and situations are not covered by SuperCover. SuperCover insurance does not cover the following services and situations:

  • Accessories such as car seats and GPS devices.

  • Removable parts such as keys, cables and parcel shelves.

  • In case of detection of fuel contamination, battery discharge and other violations of operation.

We recommend that you review the SuperCover terms and conditions for a detailed list of exclusions.

Nuances of the SuperCover service

Purchasing SuperCover is simple and convenient. You can easily add this service during the online booking process or at our reception. Please note that SuperCover is always payable at the counter upon pick up.

  • To ensure transparency and clarity, here are the important terms and conditions associated with SuperCover:

  • SuperCover only applies to passenger cars and some vehicle types may be excluded.

  • For some vehicles, insurance does not cover the full cost of the repair, but reduces it significantly. This information will be provided in the SuperCover terms and conditions during the booking process.

  • SuperCover is not available to business lease customers unless specifically stated in the contract.

  • SuperCover does not cover accessories or detachable parts, fuel contamination, battery drain, negligence, or violations of your Rental Agreement.

  • Please refer to the SuperCover terms and conditions for the rental country for complete and complete information.

Why rent a car from Hertz?

Hertz is one of the first car rental companies in the world. We have over a hundred years of experience in the car rental market and are the largest car rental company in the world.

We value your time and safety, so we recommend that you purchase additional auto insurance for unforeseen cases. Insurance is especially important if you rent a crossover for country trips. Even if this type of car was designed for off-road driving, small stones, dust and dirt can cause damage to the running gear. It's not worth the risk, just add extra insurance to your order and drive with peace of mind.

Renting a car in Chisinau on the Hertz website is an optimized process that is fully tailored to your needs and saves time!

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